Our Mission

“At Factor, science leads every aspect of our company. We believe that our unwavering focus on science will allow us to unlock the potential of regenerative medicine.”

Factor Bioscience was established to explore new methods for controlling gene expression and cell fate. Our scientists developed the fastest, highest-efficiency method for reprogramming somatic cells to a pluripotent stem-cell state, a key invention now recognized by several patents. This technology, which enables the production of patient-specific cells for transplantation, has wide-ranging applications in personalized regenerative medicine.

The technologies underlying this breakthrough also form the foundation of our protein-replacement and gene-editing technologies, allowing us to target disease at the molecular level. Factor is bringing these technologies to the world in collaboration with our strategic partners.

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Our Mission Statement

We believe that breakthroughs arise when scientists are given the freedom and resources to pursue their ideas. Ordinary business timelines prevent most companies from committing to potentially world-changing projects. At Factor, we support a model of unlimited discovery. At Factor, science is our business.

Our Partners

Factor engages in research collaborations and licensing partnerships to advance and deploy our technologies as quickly and broadly as possible.

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